The importance of taking dating advice from women

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Women know what women want

In Kirklees, UK, or anywhere else in the world, online dating bachelors should take the time to listen when women give advice to men on dating. Women giving dating advice is like a banker giving fundamental banking secrets: it’s a gift that listeners should cherish. Unlike the advice we typically get from other guys, advice from women for men tend to center on a woman’s intellect and her emotions. Women know what other women want, after all, while men certainly don’t.

Listen to women – it will pay off

Listen to women when they give you advice, and you’ll be in a better position to make the most out of every romantic exchange you ever run into. By keeping the fundamental secrets that women have gifted you in mind, you have an extra tool at your disposal which will effectively spike your chances of having a successful run with this new potential partner of yours. Whether you’re courting a lucky gal at a bar or club or if you’re simply chatting her up through your favorite online dating platform, keep this dating advice in mind and you will surely raise your chances of success.

Women’s dating advice is a gift from above

As mentioned above, women giving dating advice is a truly special gift to men. Usually, our gender is so dumbfounded by the intricacies of the female mind that it’s really hard for us to wrap our monkey brains around the concept. However, thanks to the contributions by a few select women in our lives who love us and want to help us, we essentially have a key to the castle, that castle being the female brain.

Advice from women for men

Advice from men to other men tends to center around dating technique, demeanor, specific steps in the dating process, and other such things. However, when women give advice to men on dating, this advice is usually based on appealing to the actual emotions of the woman they’re courting. For example, women will often preach the importance of inciting an emotional reaction from a woman, in various ways. One instance of this would be relaying the fact that you are saddened by the recent passing of a beloved pet. Of course, it’s important to only relay this type of information if it’s actually true, or you’ll risk being branded as a lying bastard. If it is true, however, and it is sufficiently emotional for you personally, that emotion will likely ebb out into the conversation and will be felt by her. Emotional reactions are much more stimulating than intellectual reactions. This is why women who offer dating advice to men usually preach the importance of inciting an emotional reaction through conversation.

When women give advice to men, men need to put it into practice

Of course, it’s great and all that men listen when women offer dating advice to them, but more important than that is that men put the actual advice into practice. This might be a little tricky at first, since even the most comprehensive bits of advice from women to men tend not to illuminate the intricacies of the female mind. Still, men should go about implementing female advice into their dating practices in a calculated, standard way, and they’ll likely reap the benefits of the exchange sooner or later.