Will Dating Sites Find You True Love?

online datingCan you find true love on a dating site?

Can You Find True Love on a Dating Site?

Online dating sites have risen from the stereotypical way “losers” wiggle their way into the dating scene to one of the hottest and most efficient ways to meet someone. You can sit in the comfort of your home, in your P.J.’s, sipping a glass of wine, while sifting through (hopefully endless) profiles that match and meet your expectations. No longer is there the need to be fixed up with Aunt Helen’s son, walking around the supermarket pretending you need help picking out a ripe melon or sitting at the bar waiting for someone to notice you. Online dating puts an end to all that stress and rest assured this network way is here to stay. So who can you meet on a dating site? The answer is totally up to you and what you’re looking for. There are numerous sites for singles just waiting to match you up with your forever partner. Yes, you can find love on a dating site and here are 7 tips to help you on your way.

7 Tips for Finding True Love with Online Dating

  1. Be authentic with your profile. If you are hoping to have a lasting relationship don’t start it off with lies. It is difficult if not impossible to regain trust once it has been broken. We all embellish a little however, you want the other person to know the real you.
  2. Have a current photo of yourself, not one taken 10 years ago or photoshopped. This lies into the first tip about honesty. If you are hoping to be asked out on that all important second date then let them see what you really look like. Take some selfies (or have a friend take a few photos) when you are all decked out looking your best. A photo can leave someone wanting for more so have a high quality photo accompany your profile.
  3. Stay upbeat and positive. Really who wants to date a negative Nelly especially in a budding new relationship? Keep things light and inviting both online and on a date. No one wants to be around a downer as it does not lend for a good time.
  4. Know what you want…really want. None of us are going to find a perfect person. So try to approach this realistically and specifically but with some flexibility. For instance, you want someone who enjoys the movies. Well don’t discount someone who isn’t into all the same films you are. However, if you want someone who practices the religion as you this may be a deal breaker.
  5. If you are on the fence with someone and not quite sure, give them a chance as you never know. Start with a phone call, not a text. Find out if there is a spark, things you both enjoy talking about. If the conversation is strained and it’s like pulling teeth to keep speaking then you know it isn’t worth going any further with this individual.
  6. It’s not all about you. Give the other person you undivided attention and equal air time. if you’re out on a date put the cellphone away and don’t answer unless it’s critical. Do not sit there thumbing through messages or Facebook posts. Make the other person feel special and the center of your focus at that moment.
  7. Don’t be afraid to initiate a relationship if your gut tells you one go for it. You won’t know what opportunities you are missing out on unless you take a chance.

Remember that online dating helps you meet people with similar interests, goals and desires. It takes two to make a relationship work. Have fun and start slow, get to know the many sides of the other person as well as them, yours. Embrace who you are, what you want and need then share that with your partner. Love doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, patience and often compromise but there is no greater feeling than being in love.