Top 4 Relationship Tips Men Want Women To Know

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Male Dating Advice: What Women Shouldn’t do on First Dates

I’ve been on a lot of online dates and I’ve come to realize that a lot of women need some dating advice from men. Although I know that I’m not perfect either, I’ve found that a lot of women are shocked when I either don’t try to go home with them or ask them out on a second date. Because of their reactions, I think that some male dating advice is in order. One of the biggest turn offs, for me, is that most women can’t seem to take their hands and eyes off of their phones. I understand that it’s the 21st century and most people are addicted to their cell phones, but using them and constantly checking to see if you’ve received messages or whatnot makes your date feel as though you’re trying to ditch them, or simply not interested. Some of my biggest male dating advice would be to leave your phone in your pocket or purse.

Advice From Men to Women: What Turns Them Off

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve been out on a couple dates but haven’t receive any call backs or offers for a second date. If this is you, you’re probably in the need of some relationship advice from men to women. The most important advice a man could give a women is to act natural and not too superficial. All too often, I go out on dates with beautiful women who are just too done up. I feel as though I’m talking to a mannequin and not a person. What’s worse is that they’re constantly on their phones and not the best conversationalists. Obviously this is a generalization, but when offering advice from men to women, I think the best piece of advice is to simply be yourself, talk freely, and pay attention to your date not your phone.

Relationship Tips for Women: What not to Wear on a First Date

When a woman is looking for a relationship and not a hookup, the way she dresses on her first date can jeopardize the outcome of the date. When I meet women on online dating sites and then meet them in person, I can usually read them by what they choose to wear. My relationship tips for women would be not to show too much cleavage on the first date. While it is nice to look at and appreciated, it looks like you want to get laid and not have a real relationship.

Advice From a Man: What not to Talk About on a First Date

Going out on date in Gisborne, NZ, is always a great time, however, every once in awhile I meet a woman who gets too deep on the first date. Want advice from a man on what topics to talk about on a first date? Well, try not to over talk about work, family, and past relationships.

What Men Want Women to Know: Why They Didn’t Ask for a Second Date

When a woman doesn’t get called back for a second date, she is usually very surprised and feels insulted or unattractive. What men want women to know, however, is that not getting a second date has nothing to do with not having stellar looks. What men want women to know is that their decision is based on connection and compatibility, and so if they didn’t feel this with their date, they’re usually not going to want to go on a second one.